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Fitness linic in MarthandamFitness is a state of perfect physical well being Fitness defines a body as strong, stretchable and durable.

Yes, by regular fitness training one can improve her strength, stretchability and stamina.

Guarantees weight loss of 3-5 kgs in a Month

1-2 inches size reduction just in 1 set of spot reduction(can be tummy, arms or thighs)

Here at Anne fitness clinic/gym for women/gym for ladies marthandam

woman exercise ballWe do fitness training, as a fit body is needed to keep us off from life long sickness of Diabeties, Hypertension, Cholestrol and arthritis etc...

Here at Anne fitness clinic/gym for women/gym for ladies marthandam

We start and carry on weight reduction or fitness program in a very systematic way.

Starting with initial physical evaluation

  • Calculate BMI (body mass index) and fat percentage
  • Calculate how much a person should lose to reach normal BMI
  • We set target and goal for each client and enrich with self motivation.
  • well planned and practical diet program will be given.

Here at Anne fitness clinic/gym for women/gym for ladies marthandam

Ladies Gym in Marthandam

We start our everyday workout with

  • Streching exercises for all joints and soft tissues ( warm up.)
  • Aerobic exercises in treadmill or cycle
  • Strengthening exercises in single station gym, dumbbells etc.
  • Again aerobic exercises
  • Abdominal tonning exercises
  • Cool down phase.


Women Gym in Marthandam

Ultimate core strengthening exercise.

An exercise system that strengthens the abdomen, back, limbs and neck. This makes body dramatically flexible, balanced and aligned. Very specific movements and breathing postures ensures rhythmic body and mind. (optional class)

health drink marthandamNo supplements or health drink is needed, weight reduction only by appropriate exercises,workout & balanced diet.

Join us to receive

  • Initial fitness evaluation.
  • Individual personal training programs tailord for your need.
  • Total body fitness packages with aerobic and anaerobic training.
  • Utmost women health and fitness is taken care here.

Contact 9629499435 make your appointment & visit us at Anne fitness clinic/gym for women/gym for ladies marthandam 3rd floor, Roses complex, pammam, marthandam.

Managed by,

Dr.ANNE CAROLINE PT, MPT (muscular skeletal & sports), MIAP, MISCP (Ireland).

18 years of experience in Physiotherapy in india and abroad.

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