Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for linking our business organization or service organization with directory (Yellow pages) website?

As we are providing various information such as our address, nature of our business , nature of our products, utility of our services, in the Classifieds website , our customers or clients can easily as well as quickly contact with us and get the relevant combined information.

Why should I link my business organization or service organization with directory (Yellow pages) website though I have already had my own website?

It is a very good question and in this connection I would like to mention the fact that even if you had your own website in connection with you business, your customers or clients who may be from local area, other state or abroad may not remember your website address

Hence if you have included your address, and other information regarding your business in the directory, (yellow pages) anybody can get access with your website through Google Search Engine easily.

What are the reasons for the failure of the presence of my website in the first page of the Google search engine?

It is because of many reasons such as the entry of non-professionals or non-technical people in the designing and developing process of website development. In addition to these, there are non professionals who are well-versed in copying the content from other related websites and follow BLACK HAT SEO techniques. They also do not follow the methods advocated by the Google search engine.


You are advised to contact the genuine classified website authorities for including your business details in the business directory.

If you had already established a web site of your own, You are required to get access with a genuine yellow pages websites by giving information such as your address, nature of business , and website address so as to get Back Link Support for your own website easily so that you can get SEO ranking.

Apart from these, you can acquire much benefit by sharing your business specialties often along with the social media websites.

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