Due to out-break of Avian flu in Kerala, around 2 lakes of fowls including ducks have been killed as a measure to prevent the spared of “H-5” virus fever. In Alappuzha, Kottyam, and Pathanamthitta all of a sudden several fowls including ducks have fallen dead recently and it worsened situation in Kerala.


Last week itself more than 20,000 fowls died and it resulted panic among the poultry farm keepers and others. Hearing this, the Kerala Government vet nary doctors dashed to the spots and took the samples from the dead fowls and are sent to the central micro research organization at Pune.  There, it has been detected out that the mass death of the birds in Kerala is due to the infection of H-5 viral attack of avian flu.


However, the outbreak of avian flu in Kerala is expected to have an impact on the Poultry sector in Tamil Nadu. With confirmation of outbreak of avian flu in Kerala, consumption of broiler will come down there, and it will be felt by the Poultry farmers here.


Kerala is almost self sufficient in broiler production now and the sales of broilers from Tamil Nadu has been reduced. Tamil Nadu produces about 75 lakh of broiler birds a week and about 10% of it is sold in Kerala now. Sale of at least 5% of the broilers sent to Kerala from here will be affected and it will create a great stress in the prices of Tamil Nadu.

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