Guava fruit, often called as “poor’s apple” is a tropical fruit that had been dispersed from South America to India by the Portuguese people. It is not only highly nutritious, but also very tasty. It provides numerous advantages.


Increases Immune Power:

It is a rich source of ‘Vitamin C’ and the amount of’ vitamin-c’ content in a guava fruit is four times higher than the amount in an orange. Vitamin-C performs the basic function of preventing the growth disease causing germs and improves the immune power.


Improves the secretion of glands:

The guava fruit contains much copper and it improves the secretion of the glands such as endocrine glands. It also plays a vital role in the process of post metabolism.


Controls cancers:

As it is a rich source of vitamin-C, and anti-oxidants, it controls damaging cells and prevents the chances of cancer proliferation.


Controls diabetes:

As it is a rich source of fibers, the diabetic patients can eat this fruits and it is highly advantageous for them.


Controls Aging:

As this fruit is a rich source of Anti-oxidants such as vitamin-c, vitamin-a, Lycoming, Carotene, it prevents the formation of wrinkles in the skin and keep the skin soft and supple.


Removes Constipation:

The fiber content in this fruit removes constipation by providing enough roughage to the digestive system.


Enables rest:

The magnesium present in this fruit helps for the relaxation of nerves, and muscles and thus reduces depression and improves the mental strength and health.


Good for the brain:

Vitamin B3 and the Vitamin B6 present in the guava fruit improves the blood circulation of the brain and comforts the nerves.


It is cheaply available in the market and everybody can utilize this fruit and bring improvements in your health.

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