A massive landslide hit at Meeria betta Tea-estate of Kaldmulla region in the central part of Sri-Lanka On 29th October 2014. The central region of Sri-Lanka is a mountainous area with a lot of Tea-Estates and other plantations. Most of the people who are working in these estates belong to the Tamil Indian Origin. The monsoon rains are at its peaks in these areas during the last one week, resulting torrential down pours here.


Due to sudden Land slide More than 175 houses have been sub-merged under the soil.  It is feared that the people who were inside the houses would be buried under the soil. It is estimated that more than 200 people might have lost their lives.


Hectic relief measures are going on, in spite of the hurdles of continuous rain-falls. The students who went to schools in the mornings from their houses are surprised to find out the disappearance of their houses when they returned back from their schools to homes.  The injured peoples have been hospitalized where as the affected people are brought to other safer areas.

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