Reunion of bifurcated hand


A sensible achievement of uniting the bifurcated hands has been achieved in the Issac Hospital, one of the most famous Orthopaedic hospitals in Kanyakumari district of TamilNadu at Marthandam. Two Local…


Polio drops to the children of Kanyakumari


“In Kanyakumari District polio-drops will be given on the 18th instant”, the district Collector Sagan Singh informed. It has been informed about 1.5 lakhs children are expected to get benefit…


Christmas Festive mood of Marthandam


Three weeks ahead for the celebration of Christmas. Marthandam is thickly populated with Christians and the Christians are in the festive mood. There are many shops in Marthandam that are specialized…


Inner paper pasting work in the ration cards at Kanyakumari


It has been announced that the Inner paper pasting work in the ration cards starts from the 15th of December. The district collector, Sajin Singh Chavan informed that the functioning of the current Ration…


Noorul Islam University Mechanical students run a car with solar energy


Noorul Islam university is one of the deemed universities and is located at Kumarakoil of Thuckalai region. The mechanical department of this university has credited itself in designing a car that could…


Free Training for Banking Examinations at Nagercoil


In Nagercoil, a specific wing of the district employment office started free coaching and training classes for the different examinations conducted by the IBPS. Those who have applied for these jobs by…


Continuous flow of water in Kanyakumari Dames


The monsoon fills continuous flow of water in Kanyakumari Dams and all the major Dams and pond are almost full. Perunchani Dam has already reached 75 feet, which resulted the release of 350 cubic feet…


Breaking of pond at Boothapandi


At Boothapandi in the district of Kanyakumari, there broke a major pond all of a sudden resulting sub merging of 10 acres of land with crops. In Kanyakumari district, due to monsoon rains, the major Ponds…


Primary Sub Health center at Thiruvattar of Marthandam


Near to Thiruvattar a primary sub health center has been inaugurated. Already the building was constructed at the expense of 15.5 lakhs from the district collector’s fund. Several leaders from the…


Kisan vikas documents never reached to Kanyakumari District


Kumari Post offices have not received Kisan Vikas documents and the public are highly worried about it. It is a long-term saving plan and it was stopped from 2012. In this situation at present our prime…


Preparations for St. Xavier s festival at Kottar


The most famous church, Located at Kottar is the St. Xavier’s Church. Its parish people are highly concerned with the preparations for the festival that will be conducted during 24th November to…


Kanyakumari receives fertilizer from Surratt


This year Kanyakumari district gets a good rain fall and the farmers are very happy due to the adequate supply of water to all dams. Already, the farmers have started their hectic task of cultivation.…


Secondary Education Science Exhibition results


North Thamarai Kulam (Vaddaku Thamarai Kulam) Government High School is one among the top 10 selected schools in the Secondary Education Science Exhibition Competition conducted in the little flower Girls…


Nagercoil needs extra amenities


It has been pointed out to provide many amenities in Nagercoil for the Ayyappa devotees who come here to visit the most famous Nag raja temple during the months of November, December, January, and February.…


Kanyakumari district collectors advice to prevent the spread of dengue fever


Kanyakumari district people has been asked to keep the surroundings clean and tidy without water logging so as to prevent the spread of dengue fever in this area.   In order to stop the spread of…


Scientist honored


In Azhagiyamandapam, Dr. Rajendran ,  a Scientist from Vilavoor, nearer to Moolachel  of Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu   has been honored. He has been credited for his work of preparing…


Shield for Kanyakumari co-operative press


On behalf of Kanyakumari District cooperative Society, the 61st All India cooperative Week Festival was conducted at a Marriage Mahal in Suzhinthrum of Kanyakumari district. In this auspicious occasion…


School boy suicides at Vellichanthai


Mr. Muthu Krishnan, a tea-stall owner, lives in this area got 3 children. Among them, the youngest one is Again.  Aged seventeen, he is studying in the plus 1 class in a Government Higher secondary…


Nursing college girl suicides at Suchindram


Near to Suchindram, at Samathuvapuram ,  there  lives one Ramadhas, an ordinary worker  whose daughter is  Sivasakthi, aged seventeen, who is studying B. Sc. I Nursing in Assari Pallam…


The elephant calf abandoned by its mother has been looked after in Vandaloor Zoo


Last month, on 23rd ultimo, a female elephant calf, that has been abandoned by its mother was detected at Cittar Forest Range of Kanyakumari District was taken care by the department of forest.  As…

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