It has been sanctioned to open 5 permanent Aadhaar Registration centers in Kanyakumari District. The government of India has introduced the system of introducing Aadhaar identity card to each citizen of India recently. It has become stale for some days, but it has been activated again in Tamil Nadu through 15 special centers that are introduced presently.  Accordingly Aadhaar registration is going on for the people of 5 lakh 83thousand and 514 in various centers. In Nagercoil it is going on at Town Municipality Welfare Center in vadveesvaram.


In this situation, it has been announced by the government for the establishment of permanent centers in each district. Accordingly, with the aid of a private concern,   Veesa Technology, 6 permanent Registration centers have been introduced in Kanyakumari district from the 9th November onwards as follows.


Augestheesvaram Taluk Office                1

Thovalai Taluk Office                             1

Kalkulam Taluk Office                            1

Colachel municipal office

Kuzhithurai Municipal office                      1

Padmanathapuram Municipal office           1 


Everyone is suggested to make use of these opportunities and get the Aadhaar identity card.

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