Three weeks ahead for the celebration of Christmas. Marthandam is thickly populated with Christians and the Christians are in the festive mood. There are many shops in Marthandam that are specialized for selling Christmas decorative objects such as varieties of Christmas stars, domes, serial sets, Christmas dolls, greeting cards and so on.


The carol singing activities have already started. Almost all the bakeries are thickly loaded with Christmas cakes of different varieties and other forms of sweets. There are people who are busily engaged with buying dresses and other gift items.


The specialty of Christmas day celebration is the construction of Christmas mangers in which a static nativity scene is developed indoors or outdoors and is composed of figures depicting the infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Angels, shepherds and animals such as goats and cows. Most of the people of Kanyakumari district have been engaging with the task of construction of mangers. Many shops are accomplished with such idols for  sale.


People are expecting the erection of Christmas arches in the main road that leads to Trivandrum and Nagercoil and the decoration of the great C.S.I church, located at the heart of the marthandam city. Every year the C.S.I Church will be decorated very attractively with the help of several different devices of illumination. People from all over this district used to visit the decorated church with their families and friends. It is indeed merry days that wait for the Kanyakumari people. Wish you a Happy and Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to all of you.

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