Kanyakumari district is experiencing a good deal of monsoon rains for the last week. In this situation, an elephant calf missed its mother and has been rescued by the forest department of Cittar Dam on the 28th of October 2014. Now it is taken care by the department of Forest.


In the meanwhile, it is believed that the mother elephant will come here in search of its calf. With that view, a readymade fort is made in the forest and the calf elephant kept inside the fort. Employees of forest department and the vet nary doctors are at their vigil to look after the calf. The vet nary doctors perform medical checkup thrice in a day and the calf is fed with bottle milk.


In the meanwhile a section of people are very keen in bringing unity of the separated calf and the mother elephant and they are indulging in the search operation of the mother elephant in the deep forest and they could not do their task at their full swing due to heavy rain in the forest. It is very interesting and heart-touching to note the agony of the people and the elephant calf.

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