Very close to Thuckalai, there exists a village called Kumarapuram, which has been surrounded by black rocks, where lives many people.  Here come many monkeys that indulge in vandalism by entering in the closed houses and stealing the cooked food items.  When the people return back to their houses after working they experience a lot of confusion as they could not see the food items that have been eaten by the monkeys.


Apart from it, they destroy the yielding of the crops such as coconut, plantain, papaya, and other plants. Hence people of this area are hesitant to do cultivation and they are very much afraid of it. People who have been affected include not only people of Kumarapuram but also many adjacent places around Kumarapuram. It has been reported that previously people of this area never experienced such problems, as there were no monkeys there. They have already requested the forest department, to capture those monkeys and leave them in the deep forest area.

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