Kanyakumari district people has been asked to keep the surroundings clean and tidy without water logging so as to prevent the spread of dengue fever in this area.


In order to stop the spread of Ads mosquitoes, numerous recommendation have been given by the office of the collector to other several departments.  The first and the foremost precautionary measure is to stop water logging near the surroundings.


The materials, such as broken bottles, Plastic containers, Coconut shells, egg shells, broken pots, tires, and other containers should be checked periodically and disposed them then and there. The containers in which we store water for our daily usages should be cleaned at least once in a week with the help of Bleaching power.


The school and college authorities should take initiative measures to keep their surroundings clean and tidy and they should take proper measure to stop water logging insider their campus.


Above all, if anyone is infected, he/she should seek the advice of registered doctors and get their blood checked.  As a precautionary measure, all are advised to drink fully boiled water always.

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