North East Monsoon at its full swing in Kanyakumari District resulted the increase in the water level at pechipari Dam for more than 40 feet. Because of continuous rain, water levels in all other dams and several ponds have been increased.  Due to heavy rain, more than 33 houses have been damaged. Several low level areas have been marooned with water.


The water level in the perunchani, Cittar-I, Cittar II and the poikai dams have been raised to 68.95, 16.73, 16.83, 8.50 feet respectively. Due to this rain pechiparai,  Perunchani . Cittat-I, Cittar-II and the Poikai dams have been receiving 582, 757, 567, 45, and 4, cubic feet water respectively.


From peruchani dam, 600 cubic feet water has been discharged out of the dam where as from the Cittar-I dam, 200 cubic feet of water has been sent out. When the pechipari dam and the perunchani dam reach 42 feet and 71 feet, Flood Warning Signal will be issued. If the rain continues, the Pechiparai and the perunchani dam will reach expected water level of 42feet and 71feet within two days.

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