Kumari Post offices have not received Kisan Vikas documents and the public are highly worried about it. It is a long-term saving plan and it was stopped from 2012. In this situation at present our prime minister has re-introduced this plan again recently.


Accordingly, the lowest amount to be deposited through Kisan Vikas document is Rs. 1000 and the highest amount to be deposited is 50,000. The maturity period will be 100 months. All the post offices in and around Chennai have been provided with Kisan vikas documents.


In Kanyakumari District, the Thuckalai and Nagercoil Post offices are considered as the Head Post Offices and under the above Head Post Offices, there are as many as 267 sub-post Offices. Hearing the news of the introduction of Kisan Vikas documents, the people who came to deposit their money in this plan in Kanyakumari district are unable to deposit due to their absence of Kisan Vikas documents.


It has been pointed out that Kisan vikas documents are printed from Nasik in Maharashtra and it will be done soon so that the people of Kanyakumari district will get the documents soon without any further delay.

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