It is natural that past is past. What are all the events that happened in the past never comes back. But as human beings, we have memories. Through our memories we can bring back the past people and the past events in our mind.  It is the magical memory that unites fantasy and reality. The fantasy may be the imagination about our past and passed people who may be real and life like in all aspects (even one can think a particular person may be in a particular area and he lives) but the memory tells us that the concerned person is no more and warns you that you are already under the influence of fantasy.


Historically we had been practicing the culture of respecting our passed beloveds in many ways and it differs from regionally, religiously, personally and culturally.  Anyhow, Most of us give homage to the dead people in variety of forms.


In Marthandam, It has been the practice of the people to commemorate the memory of their passed beloveds in the form of vavu bali exhibition, yearly, at the bank of the river Thamaraparni in Kuzhi thurai.  Usually, it is conducted for about 15 to 20 days.  This year the 89th celebration commenced on 16 the july 2014 and ended on 4th August 2014. It is a great occasion for the people of Kanyakumari and Trivindrum. During this celebration, people from different region accumulate there to buy different types of nursery flowering plants, fruits bearing seedlings, and different types of hybrid varieties.  The important types of seedlings available during this occasion are coconut seed lings and other hybrid varieties such as rose plants, jasmine varieties, chrysanthemum varieties, mango seedlings, jack seed lings, guava varieties, and pomegranate varieties and so on.


For students there are many exhibitions connected with their studies such as Varieties of gardening products, industrial plants, engineering plants and much hygienic information connected with health.  In short, it provides various educational value based informations.  Tamilnadu government has already declared one day as the local holiday for the people of Kanyakumari district during these days.

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