The so called Madras-eye, a variety of eye disease has been spreading in Kanyakumari District. Usually the victims get problem in any one of their eyes and rarely both the eyes are affected.  The person who got cured from this eye disease gets immune power and is not affected by this eye disease for a particular period of months. Doctors say that it won’t affect all the people but people with less immune power will be affected easily.




The affected person gets the experience of high irritation of his/her eyes and soon the eyes will be changed into reddish color. It affects the normal routine work of the victims and often feels irritation and ill-feelings. Usually such diseases occur only during the rainy season, when there are sudden changes in the temperature due to the infection of Adino virus. Generally the affected person will feel as if sand particles are placed inside the eyes. Tears will be shed sumptuously from the eyes.




The best ways of treatment is consulting a proper doctor and follow his instructions. Generally it will be cured within 5 days. In rare cases, it may prolong for a period of two weeks. The victims are advised to wear Black Cooling glasses so that they may get some sort of relief. It is highly contagious and hence it is spread very fast. As it is spread very fast and highly contagious, the infected person should be alienated from others as quick as possible.

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