It has been pointed out to provide many amenities in Nagercoil for the Ayyappa devotees who come here to visit the most famous Nag raja temple during the months of November, December, January, and February.


Today is the first day of the Tamil month “Karthihai” During these days, the Ayyappa devotees come in large numbers here. In their course of pilgrimage, they take holy bath in the Kanyakumari Sea where the three seas confluence and worship the Bhagirathi Amman.


Later, they visit several tourist spots located around Kanyakumari and also enjoy the scenery of the sun-rise and he sun-set. For this purpose many tourists from all over India arrive here in vans, cars, and buses. Usually they come in the morning and make their visits during the day time and depart in the evenings. Most of them visit the Thanumaliyaa Swami temple and the Naga Raja Temple. Hence it is suggested to provide good amenities in these tourist spots and the pilgrim centers for the welfare of the Tourists.

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