Near to Suchindram, at Samathuvapuram ,  there  lives one Ramadhas, an ordinary worker  whose daughter is  Sivasakthi, aged seventeen, who is studying B. Sc. I Nursing in Assari Pallam government Medical College. As a day scholar daily she used to go to her college by bus. As she was suffering from eye problems, she was unable to attend class on the 17th of this month. When her father was away from the house, her mother asked her to accompany her to the temple. When Sivasakthi replied negatively, her mother went to the temple alone, leaving Sivasakthi to remain in the house alone.


When the neighbors heard the scream of Sivasakthi, they went to her house and found she was fighting for her life with the whole body burning in fire.  Though they tried to put-off the fire, it ended in vain and the matter was reported to the Suchindram police Station.

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