“In Kanyakumari District polio-drops will be given on the 18th instant”, the district Collector Sagan Singh informed. It has been informed about 1.5 lakhs children are expected to get benefit on that date.


In Kanyakumari, the preliminary preparation for the special camp program of giving polio-drops has been conducted in the Kanyakumari district Collector office at Nagercoil. The meeting was presided by the collector Sagan Singh.


It has been informed that from 1995 onwards the special camp program has been conducted twice in a year in order to eradicate this disease totally.  The world Health Organization declared that India is free from this polio disease on the 27th March 2014. To keep it up during the future days,  the special camp program will be conducted on the 18th January and the 22nd February  of this year.


Accordingly, Polio drops will be given to all the children who are below 5 years with the help of 1246 camps, 4894 employees, and 233 vehicles. The drops have been well protected in the cold-storage units. About 17 camps are organized in the crowed areas such as Railways stations, bus-stands, and such related areas. In remote hilly areas where there are no proper bus facilities, 8 moving units have been established.  Special provisions have been made to the children of Thottamalai and Thatchamalai areas by means of boats. In this connection at about 160 supervisor bodies are also organized.

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