A sensible achievement of uniting the bifurcated hands has been achieved in the Issac Hospital, one of the most famous Orthopaedic hospitals in Kanyakumari district of TamilNadu at Marthandam. Two Local persons have been admitted in this hospital with their hands bifurcated. One of the victim’s broken hands that were left in a pond was brought to the hospital after a few hours of admission of the victims.

Doctor  .W.H. ISAAC SUNDER SEN, MS Ortho, DNB Ortho, MCH Ortho and others have  toiled hard and succeeded in uniting the bifurcated hands together with the help of highly powerful antibiotic medicines and several bottles of blood. At present both the patients are in good condition and are under treatment. They will return soon after the complete recovery.

Doctor W. H Issac  Sunder Sen  pointed out the fact that such re-union operations are highly delicate  because it should be done perfectly with utmost care so as to each nerves and blood vessels  must be united appropriately  for the proper blood circulation and sensation.

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