In Azhagiyamandapam, Dr. Rajendran ,  a Scientist from Vilavoor, nearer to Moolachel  of Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu   has been honored. He has been credited for his work of preparing cooking gas from the garbage water. He also found out the devices by which, we can prepare electricity from the human wastes.  Such projects have been introduced already in five states at several areas. He also received many prizes from the Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Kerala governments.


The felicitation festival has been organized in a Marriage Mahal at Azhagiyamandapam. The principal of Nooril Islam Arts and Science College and the Industrialist Mr. Azahiamony jointly have presided the function. The prominent figures who attended the function include Pushpa Leela Albon, M.L.A., Dr. Joseph, and Dr. Vijayakumar.

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