Last month, on 23rd ultimo, a female elephant calf, that has been abandoned by its mother was detected at Cittar Forest Range of Kanyakumari District was taken care by the department of forest.  As the Department of Forest failed to trace out the mother of the one month old female calf, it has been brought to Vandaloor Zoo by the forest officials.


Here it has been looked after very carefully in a specific area that has been built to look after such elephant calves. There are two separate rooms for the elephant calf so as to spend during hot climatic and cold climatic days. The elephant calf is provided with a matrix made up of straws so as to spend the cold nights. During extreme cold nights, adequate heat is given to the tender calf with the help of fire ignited adjacent to it.


The one month old elephant calf is under the three-tire security system. As the mahout is always along with the elephant-calf, the elephant-calf considers the mahout as its loving mother and it shows its gratitude and love to the mahout by raising its trunk happily and revolves round him.


Safety Measures;

Whenever anyone like, the doctor or mahout wants to enter the area where the elephant calf is looked after, they are required to wash their legs with the help water treated by germicides that is stored in a specific tank.


Feeding process:

Each day the calf is fed with one liter of lactogen, juice of 10 tender coconuts, and 250 grams of glucose that have been dissolved in the warm-water. In order to bring out easy digestion and accelerate the growth of useful bacteria in its digestive system, specific medicine is given orally by dissolving in the warm water.



After reaching this Zoo, the elephant calf has added approximately 5Kg of its weight. When it came here, its body has been wounded here and there and all these wounds have been cured at present. Every day the Mahout provides half an hour walking practice to the one month old elephant calf in the Morning and the evening.


What a fine treatment for an elephant calf in India?  

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