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Kumari Amman Temple | Kanyakumari

The most famous amazing Temple,  that has been 3000 years old, is Bhagavathi Temple or  The Kumari Amman or the Kanyakumari Temple, located majestically on the sea shore where the three seas, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal confluences..The Goddess Kumari Amman Devi is a manifestation of Parvati, the virgin goddess who did penance to obtain Lord Shiva's hand in marriage. It has been a legend that Devi Kanya Kumari is Shree Bhagavathi in the nature of an adolescent girl child, the Bhagavathi or Devi. The temple had been consecrated by the Sage Parashurama. The goddess possesses the magical power of removing the”ego” of anybody who comes as devotee at her feet. Such devotees when pray earnestly, usually feel the presence of tears in their eyes or feel melting of their heart. This has been one of the rare temples where Devi is worshipped as a child. The temple protected and surrounded by a stone wall that stands at the edge of the ocean.


People from all over India who desire to devote their life as Sanyasin come here and take the deeksha. Swami Vivekananda came to this temple as directed by his Guru Shri Ramakrishna Prarama Hamsa, being a Sanyasin. The temple is very old and is mentioned in ancient Sanskrit literature. The temple opened from 6.00am to 11.00 am. and 4.00 Pm  to 8.00 Pm


History of the temple


According to the Hindu mythology, the king of demons, Banasura became highly superior to other demigods and created a lot of problem to all. The demigods made a yajina requesting to annihilate Banasura. As a reply to the prayer,,Godess  Durga appeared here.  On seeing the beauty of Durga Devi, The Lord Shiva wanted to marry Durga Devi. The devine sage Narada wanted to stop the marriage in order to kill Banasura by the Durgadevi. In order to prevent the marriage between DurgaDevi and the Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva was requested to present himself on the wedding day with a few rare gifts such as coconuts without eyes, mangoes without seeds, betel leaves without veins. Mighty Lord Shiva managed to get all those rare things and became ready for the marriage at mid-night. Lord Shiva started from Suchindram with all the preparation to Kanyakumari. At Valukkampari, the sage Narada played his tricks and assumed the form of a cock and crew falsely.  Hearing the cock’s crow, Lord Shiva felt that it was the symptom of dawn and returned back.


In the meanwhile the Godess DurgaDevi.with all her decorations could not meet Lord shiva, consequently, she lost her hope and cursed the food items to be changed into shells and sands. Later Banasura wanted to marry DurgaDevi. But DurgaDevi proclaimed to marry anybody who manages to beat her in a battle. Hearing this,  Banasura came forward to fight with Durgadevi and in it, Banasura was killed and the Goddess determined to remain as a virgin there.


The beautiful Blue stone Deity remains a charming virgin with a sparking nose-stud that spreads lustrous radiance which could be seen from far at night.  It has been pointed out by many that some ships mistook the charming light emitted from the Devi’s nose ring as the light of the light house, resulting with a hit with some rocky stones.

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