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Marthandam, the western most region of Kanyakumari of TAMIL NADU, has its border with Kerala State, got its name from the ruler of the past Travancore , MARTHANDAVARMA was originally called as ‘ THODUVETTY’ is famous for Honey, Rubber, Cashewnut processing, Embriyordiary and various Agricultural products. The strategic location of great C S I Church, the oldest Arts College the Nesomony Memorial Christian College and other huge buildings add the beauty of the town significantly. Its attraction will be doubled during Christmas days being the Christian dominated city nearer to Trivandrum. It is the second biggest town next to Nagercoil and remains a major trading Center.


It lies very close to Trivandrum of Kerala State and it is 30 kilometers away from Naagercoil, the biggest town in Kanyakumari district. In short it lies between Kanyakumari and Trivandrum.


Marthandam experiences warm and temperate climate with good amount of rain-fall. There are three months (March, April, and May) of mild summer, five months (June, July, August, September and October) of rainy and four months (November, December, January and February) of mild Winter. There may be intermittent rains during every month.


Traditionally people were Agriculturists, and business oriented. Now everybody gives much important for higher Studies and there exists established Schools, Engineering Colleges, B.Ed.; colleges, and Medicinal colleges.


Significant Tourist spots in Marthandam are the ‘Chitharal Malai Kottai’, a spot that lies just 6 kilometers from Marthandam Town and the ‘Padmanathapuram temple’, the ‘Thiruparappu water falls’, the ‘Mathoor hanging bridge’, the Keeriparai jungle’, and the ‘Peachuparri - dam’ , the other spots that are approximately 15 kilometer away from Marthandam.


Both roadways and Railways link Marthandam with other parts of India. The major Railway junction of Marthandam is Kuzhithurai Junction. There are regular bus services from Marthandam to Chennai via Nagercoil, Tirunelveli, Madurai. In the same way Marthandam is directly linked with Chennai by regular Train services.

There are regular 'to and fro' bus services that link marthandam with other surrounding areas such as Kanyakumari, Nagercoil, Karungal, Colochal, Thingalnagar, Enayam, Kulasekharam, Pechiparai, Panachamoodu, Kollemcode, Thengapattanam, Thuckalay, Thiruvatar, Thirparappu, Pathukani, Arukani, Thiruvananthapuram, Thoothukudi and Thirunelveli.

Special Food of Kanyakumari:

Traditional food of people of marthandam consist of Phalm Juice (Phalmyra Tree), Phalm Jaggery, Jack Fruit, Mango, Tapioca, Rise and Fish. Modern food includes Dosai, Idli, Idiyappam, Uppma satni and sambar. Apart from the above, people are very much interested in having Chapati, Parotta, Briyani and Pongal. They give a lot of importance to Rise and Fish Curry and other type of food.


The ever flowing river, Thamirabarani flows via Kuzhithurai, that is just 1.5 kilometer from the Marthandam city, not only beautifies the entire region but also adds the fertility of Marthandam soil.


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