The southernmost city of India in TamilNadu, Nagercoil gets its name from the Nag raja temple, which has beenfamous for the traditional offering of milk to the Nags, the snakes, that exists in Nagercoil. Originally the city Nagercoil had been a part of Southern Travancore of Kerala State, and later it was merged with TamilNadu, during 1956 under the leadership of Marshal Nesamony, The veteran political leader of Kanyakumari District.

Temperature and Climate:

The city, Nagercoil experiences a moderate climate and the temperature ranges between 22 degree centigrade to 33 degree centigrade with the annual average temperature of 21.5 degree centigrade. Due its geographical location it gets more rain falls than the other adjacent areas and it gets good rain falls by means of both South west monsoons and North east monsoons. During summer the weather is hot and humid but in the evening, the weather will be pleasant due to the sea breeze.

City of Colleges:

IT is famous for the several well-functioning reputed Arts &Science and Engineering colleges with sever well established higher secondary schools. One of the most famous medical colleges, the government medical college of Asaripallam is located at the vicinity of Nagercoil and it remains the major advanced center for the treatment of Cancer.


Nagercoil, the major city of Kanyakumari is linked with the various parts of India by means of both roadways and rail ways. There are regular bus and train services from Nagercoil to major other cities like Chennai, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Vallankanni, Thirupathi , Nagappattinam, Koddai kanal, Kollam, Ernakulum and so on . In addition to these there are frequent local bus services that connects Nagercoil with other important places such as Suchindram, Aralvaimozhi, Thovali, Koodankulam, Kanyakumari, Thittivilai, Bhootha pandi, Kottaram, Muttam, Padmanathapurm, Villukuri, Thuckaiai, Monday market and so on.


The major occupations include manufacturing, tailoring, carpentry, agriculture, and commercial business.The other educated and highly qualified people are engaged themselves with the profession of Teaching.


As per the census of 2011, the population of Nagercoil constitutes 224, 132 and the literacy rate is 93.74.

Tourist Spots:

Nagercoil is primarily surrounded by various famous tourists’ spots such as Kanyakumari, Vattakottai, Villukuri dam, Padmanathapurm temple, Peachupari, perumchani, Thaddikarkonam, mukoodal, Mondaikadu Bhavathiammn temple and other many areas.

Major festivals:

Major festivals celebrated by the people of Nagercoil include, Christmas, Easter, Pongal, Oman, Deepavali, Ramzn and Bhakrit.


Though Tamil is the major Language of Nagercoil people, they are able to speak Malayalam to a lesser extent and to a greater extent.

Internet Provider in Kanyakumari

Internet Provider in Kanyakumari


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