Government is at its full swing for providing Aadhaar identity card to each person in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu about 74.31% of people registered for getting attar identity card.  In order to provide these cards, government has already established 367 permanent centers.


According to a reliable source, in Tamil Nadu during 2010, the census was taken for the issue of Aadhaar identity card.  According to it, there are 7crores and 11 lakes of people. Among them, only 6crore and 74 lakes people are eligible to get the attar identity cards. The remaining are lesser than 5 years of age. Of these people, 5 crores and one lakhs people have already submitted their detailed information and got registered for their attar identity card. Among them, 4 crores and 73 lakhs of people have been provided with the attar identity cards. Now the government is very keen in providing the attar identity cards to the remaining persons. 


Permanent centers

At present the second phase of this program is going on for those people who failed to take the photos after having registered their names, and those people who have been rejected for it. It has been decided to open 470 permanent centers in Tamil Nadu for the disposal of Aadhaar identity cards to everybody. Accordingly 367 centers have been established.


The permanent centers are opened in the Corporation zonal offices, Unit offices, Municipal offices and Taluk offices.


Those who lost their old receipts also can easily get the Aadhaar identity cards. There is no necessity of getting panic and confusion in this connection.


How to apply for it


People are instructed to fill up the forms issued by the center correctly and hand over it there for the new registration. Later they are advised to take their photos, finger prints and eye details from the very same centers only. All the people are advised to make use of this opportunity and enable yourselves to equip with the Aadhaar identity cards.

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