The electricity charges in Tamil Nadu have been increased at 15%, but the people who are using up to 500 units are excluded from the current rise in charges and it will be incurred by the government itself. It will come to force from today, the 12th December 2014 onwards and the Government is going to be benefited with an additional income of Rs. 6,805 crores against the current shortage of Rs. 6,854 crores.


It has been estimated that 90% of the total house-hold consumers need not pay any further increase of electricity bill because their electricity consumption won’t go beyond 500 units. Again the old practice of paying free electricity to hut-based houses will be continued as usual and in this connection, approximately 1 I, 83000 hut-based consumers need not worry. Accordingly, the government will pay Rs. 224 crores and 54 lakhs to Electricity Department in the form of subsidiaries.


In short , in order to protect the poor and the middle class people from the current rise of  electricity charges, the state government will pay Rs.6,295 crores and 32 lakhs to the electricity Department in the form of subsidiaries.

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