Google search engine is the most famous search engine (mostly helps to search out much information including data) that enabled to attach a family which has been detached seventeen years ago. 1997 was an unfortunate year for Gudiya, when she was travelling from Patna to Guwahati along with her uncle and absconded herself.  Later she was admitted in a Child care centre in Assam.  She was not matured enough to provide correct information regarding her parents but she informed about her uncle who was working in a Biscuit company at Patna.   Neladchi Sharma, the then officer of the Child protecting organization of Assam tried her best level to detect out the parents of Gudiya but ended in vain

Last month, Gudiya and her husband went to Patna and searched Gudiya’s parents and that also yielded nothing .At last Gudiya was able to get the Phone number of her uncle who has been working in the biscuit company at patna with the help of Google search engine and she was able to find out her parents. Neladchi Sharma played a vital predominant role in helping Gudiya to join with her parents. 

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