Though India wants to be friendly with the Pakistan government, Pakistani government is unable to stop the lunatic activities of their own extremists or military people, resulting panic in the International Border. In this connection the central Defense Minister Mr. Arun Jettly has categorically pointed out the fact that Pakistan must pay the penalty for it if Pakistan fails to stop its criminal activities immediately.  It has been reported that Pakistan has been unnecessarily involving tricky violations in the borders resulting unwanted and ugly scenes of unnecessary tensions for the villagers in the borders. How is it possible to conduct peace conferences when they are indulged with attacks in the border?  India is forced to counter attack the Pakistan mill tents in order to save the lives of innocent villagers who live in the borders.  If they really want to promote peace, they must stop their war-fares in the borders. Unlike Pakistan, India is a highly responsible country whose prime duty is to safeguard the civilians in the borders and hence India cannot tolerate the deliberate attempts of Pakistan to tarnish the role of Indian Government.  In a sense India may consider Pakistan’s activities as an opportunity for India to teach a nice lesion to Pakistan for which it has deserved. 

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