As there developed a Low pressure Area in the Bay of Bengal, the rain in Tamil Nadu will continue for further two days, the department of Weather forecast informed. In Tamil Nadu, the North-East monsoon started from the17th instant onwards resulting heavy to moderate rains in several parts of Tami Nadu. Due to the creation of Low Pressure area in the Bay of Bengal, there resulted heavy rains in Chennai and several other areas.  Several areas have been marooned with water and in many areas the roads have been damaged.  Hence the normal life has been collapsed in selected areas.


Good news is the entry of water in the dams.  The Low pressure depression has been remaining in the South-West Bay of Bengal for the last four days, which has slightly moved towards the Western direction. If the low Pressure depression moves towards West, there is possibility of reduction in the rain.


It has been detected out that there exists an another Low-depression area in the south west region of Bay of Bengal  just very close to Srilanka and Southern TamilNadu and it may result heavy to moderate rains in TamilNadu for further two to three days.


It has been pointed out that fifteen people have been killed in Tamil Nadu so far because of North-East Monsoon.

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