The central Government is very keen in conducting the Parliamentary winter session fruitfully and peacefully. In view of the coming Parliamentary session, the Prime Minister Narenthra Mode conducted an all party meeting on the last Sunday. This winter session of parliament will continue for about one month.


Already about 67 Bills are under pending. Among the 59 bills are pending in Rajiya sabha and the remaining 8 are pending in Loak Sabha.  As the B.J.P has the absolute majority in the Loak Sabha, there is no problem in passing any bill here.  But the problem is with regard to Rajiya Sabhan where the B.J. P. Government has no absolute majority. 


It has been pointed out that the central Government is highly concerned with discussing all major issues of the country constructively.  The central government has already stepped forward towards the Economic Progress of the Country and for that the Government is highly particular in wooing foreign countries to make good investments in the field of insurances in India.

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