Pope Francis conferred sainthood to two Indians and four Italians on Sunday, praising their "creative" commitment to helping the poor. Carmelite nun Sister Eufrasia was sanctified with Kuria kose Elias Chavara, who founded the sisterhood she belonged to.


Eufrasia, canonized six years after India's first female saint, was born to an aristocratic family in 1877 and took a vow of chastity aged nine.


Chavara founded two Carmelite congregations in India in the 19th century, and decreed that every church should have its own school.


Applause rang out on Sunday when Francis said the Italian saints - who between them founded refuges for pilgrims, street urchins and the sick - could inspire citizens today.


The Pope declared one reverent Father, Kuria   Kose Elias chavra and One Reverent sister, Eufrasia,   from Karla as saints. It has been announced in Vatican at Saint Peter’s Church on Sunday, the 23rd of this month.


In the meanwhile Reverent Sister Alphonsa was given the dignity of saint during the year 2008. In this way the total number of saints in India has been increased to 3.


Saint Curia Kosh Elias Chavra was born in the year 1805 at Kutta Nadu of Kerala state. At the age of 24, he became the priest and contributed a lot for the welfare of the people. He founded many educational institutions including a Sanskrit School. He also established a printing press and inspired himself for the printing of several valuable books. He passed away in the year 1871.


Saint Ufaracia was born in the year 1877 at Trichuor of Kerala State. She became the servant of God and contributed a lot for the needy people with the help of prayers. She passed away in the year 1952.


In view of the Pope’s declaration, in Kanyakumari district many catholic churches conducted services and prayers’.

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