There resulted a difference of opinions already due to the fact of the non-inclusion of the pictures of the late charismatic leader M. Kama raj and Moopanar on new membership cards by the All India Congress Committee and it resulted the fracture of Congress party in TamilNadu, when the former union shipping Minister on Monday categorically announced his decision to leave Congress and launch a new party.


He addressed his followers. He said “ I am deeply worried about the functioning of the Congress in Tamil Nadu. The party has not been in power in the state for the last 47 years. I am starting a new journey in Tamil Nadu, on the path of (late party leaders) K Kamaraj and G K Moopanar." He told that he was going to organize a public rally at Tiruchi during which the name of the new party would be informed and he was doing so only to fulfill the aspirations of his followers.


It is speculated that. P Chidambaram and Jayanthi Natarajan, credited to remain in the parent party and they have already stressed the necessity of unity to strengthen the party.


The inability of the Congress party to get sizable seats in TamilNadu for the last four decades, and its complete collapse in the recent parliamentary election might have wounded the sentiments of TamilNadu Congress people and are pushed to this situation. On the part of congress, it is the high time to ponder deeply so as to provide new strength and morality to the party by eliminating certain mistakes they have committed in the past with the help of the new lesions they have learned recently.

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