In order to put an end to scarcity of power in Tamil Nadu, the former Chief Minister Mrs. Jeyallitha has introduced the Solar Power System Plans last year.


Accordingly, all the newly constructed government offices must procure the solar power system plans and the old government offices should establish the solar power system plans in due course of time shortly.  In the same way hectic activities are going on for the establishment of Solar Panels in houses, Panchyat offices, Municipal offices and other government offices.


There are two provisions of Macro and Micro systems. In the macro system large scale electricity is produced where as in the micro system small scales of electricity such as 1 Kilo Vat to 1oo Kilo vat have been produced. Subsidiaries at the rate of 30% are given by the central government to only the small scale systems which are established in houses.


The house owners are expected to spend about 47,000 to 60,000 while the remaining amount of about 20, 000 will be spent by the Tami Nadu government. 


If anyone wants to establish solar power panel in his/her house, he/she can apply in online. Within one week of timer your application will be scrutinized and further sanction will be issued.


How to apply in online:


Go to Tamil Nadu Power distribution Web and click e forms. Then click on “Domestic”. Now you will get the prescribed application form.  Fill up the application form and send to the prescribed web address.  Now, you will be able to get the acknowledged receipt.


In this web-site, one can get the list of 17 companies which supply the solar power panels. The customer is required to select any one of the companies given in the list.


4 units of electricity daily:


To establish 1Kilo vat solar power panel system, 100 square feet is enough. With this one can get daily 4 units of electricity. With these 4 units of electricity, we can get sufficient power to run 4 tube-lights, 2 electric fans, and 1 television set.  If the electricity consumption is more than the above quantity you can avail the excess amount of electricity by using the ‘Creed’




The total amount to be incurred for the establishment of a 1 kilo Vat capacity solar panel system is Rs. One lakh and Ten thousands only. The owner is required to pay after deducting the 30% of the total amount.


One cannot make use of the vacant terrace for any other purposes after the establishment of solar power panel system. 

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