It has been announced by the directorate of Government examination that the government public examinations for the 12th students will be conducted between March 5th to March 31st of 2015 and for the 10th students the public examinations will commence from March 19th and ends on 10th April. 


Plus 2 examinations commence in the morning at 10 am and ends at 1.15 pm where as the 10th examination starts in the morning at 9.15 am and ends at 12 pm.


The scheduled examination time table for the 12th students:


05th ->March ->Thursday      Tamil Paper I
06th ->March ->Friday          Tamil Paper II
09th ->March ->Monday        English paper I
10th ->March ->Tuesday      English paper II
13th ->March ->Friday          Communication English/Indian Culture/Computer Science/Biochemistry/Advanced Language
16th ->March ->Monday       Commerce/Home Science/Geography
18th ->March ->Wednesday Mathematics/ Zoology/Microbiology/Nutrition and diets
20th ->March ->Friday         Political Science/Nursing/Statics/Vocational subjects theory
23rd ->March ->Monday       Chemistry/ Accountancy
27th ->March ->Friday         Physics/Economics
31st ->March ->Tuesday      Biology/History/Botany/Business Maths


The Scheduled examination Timetable for the Tenth students:


19th  ->March  ->Thursday        Tamil paper I
24th  ->March  ->Tuesday         Tamil paper II
25th  ->March  ->Wednesday     English Paper I
26th  ->March  ->Thursday         English Paper II
30th  ->March  ->Monday           Mathematics
06th  ->April    ->Monday          Science
10th  ->April    ->Friday             Social Science

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