In Chennai at the Vandaloor Biological zoo tigers are preserved in an area where the compound wall erected in the past was collapsed, consequently 5 tigers escaped from the park and entered in the adjacent forest area.  Hearings this, the zoo officials caught 4 tigers with the help of anesthetic injection. The remaining two year old tiger simply wandered in the jungle without being caught.


As it was not visible, the officials confirmed its presence through the secret camera fixed there but they were unable to catch it. The zoo officials are in an embarrassing mood for the last couple of days as they could not catch it. In this situation, they have been waiting for the tiger along with a cage that contained a large piece of beef. For their surprise, it was caught in the cage yesterday, the 18th inst   at 4 am in the dawn.  Having got the tiger, all the officials breathe the pleasant air of satisfaction.

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