Plus 2 Examination results


The results for 8.75 lakhs pupils who wrote their plus 2 examination will be published tomorrow, the 7th May 2015. All the parents and the students are eagerly expecting the results because, the marks…


Reunion of bifurcated hand


A sensible achievement of uniting the bifurcated hands has been achieved in the Issac Hospital, one of the most famous Orthopaedic hospitals in Kanyakumari district of TamilNadu at Marthandam. Two Local…


Polio drops to the children of Kanyakumari


“In Kanyakumari District polio-drops will be given on the 18th instant”, the district Collector Sagan Singh informed. It has been informed about 1.5 lakhs children are expected to get benefit…


The ultimatum date to exchange 500 and 1000 Rupees notes


The ultimatum date to exchange 500 and 1000 Rupees notes printed before 2005 is 1st January 2005. It was announced by the Reserve Bank of India on the last 22nd January that the above notes that are printed…


Will it be two years for BEd and MEd degree courses?


The National Council for Teachers Education has already drafted a new regulation so as to improve the quality of the above courses by modifying the duration of the courses in to two years programs. At…


Annamalai University earned the credit of A grade


Chidambaram Annamalai University has been inspected by the NAC Committee during the month of November 2014. A panel of 13 members under the leadership of the former Vice chancellor Mr. Shetti performed…


Electricity charges increased in Tamil Nadu


The electricity charges in Tamil Nadu have been increased at 15%, but the people who are using up to 500 units are excluded from the current rise in charges and it will be incurred by the government itself.…


Christmas Festive mood of Marthandam


Three weeks ahead for the celebration of Christmas. Marthandam is thickly populated with Christians and the Christians are in the festive mood. There are many shops in Marthandam that are specialized…


Inner paper pasting work in the ration cards at Kanyakumari


It has been announced that the Inner paper pasting work in the ration cards starts from the 15th of December. The district collector, Sajin Singh Chavan informed that the functioning of the current Ration…


M.S University Distance Learners examination starts on December 15th


M.S University is located in the Tirunelveli District and it conducts several courses with a series of colleges affiliated under to it. It has a unit of distance learning center through several students…


Tamil Nadu SSLC and plus 2 examination dates have been announced


It has been announced by the directorate of Government examination that the government public examinations for the 12th students will be conducted between March 5th to March 31st of 2015 and for the 10th…


The first cricket test match between Australia and India starts at Adelaide


The first cricket test match between India and Australia begins on today at Adelaide. As the Indian captain Dhoni  is not relieved fully from his injury,  Verat  Koali will lead the Indian…


Noorul Islam University Mechanical students run a car with solar energy


Noorul Islam university is one of the deemed universities and is located at Kumarakoil of Thuckalai region. The mechanical department of this university has credited itself in designing a car that could…


Free Training for Banking Examinations at Nagercoil


In Nagercoil, a specific wing of the district employment office started free coaching and training classes for the different examinations conducted by the IBPS. Those who have applied for these jobs by…


Government holiday to Kerala for Pongal festivals


It has been informed by the Kerala government to give holidays to five districts in Kerala for Pongal festival. Many districts from Tamil Nadu such as Kanyakumari, Neelgri , Theni, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli,…


Nutritive value of Guava fruit


Guava fruit, often called as “poor’s apple” is a tropical fruit that had been dispersed from South America to India by the Portuguese people. It is not only highly nutritious, but also…


Avian Flu in Kerala


Due to out-break of Avian flu in Kerala, around 2 lakes of fowls including ducks have been killed as a measure to prevent the spared of “H-5” virus fever. In Alappuzha, Kottyam, and Pathanamthitta…


Continuous flow of water in Kanyakumari Dames


The monsoon fills continuous flow of water in Kanyakumari Dams and all the major Dams and pond are almost full. Perunchani Dam has already reached 75 feet, which resulted the release of 350 cubic feet…


Breaking of pond at Boothapandi


At Boothapandi in the district of Kanyakumari, there broke a major pond all of a sudden resulting sub merging of 10 acres of land with crops. In Kanyakumari district, due to monsoon rains, the major Ponds…


Primary Sub Health center at Thiruvattar of Marthandam


Near to Thiruvattar a primary sub health center has been inaugurated. Already the building was constructed at the expense of 15.5 lakhs from the district collector’s fund. Several leaders from the…

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