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This Privacy Policy may be updated by us any time by posting on the website some time we post on the site without any notice in advance, Also this Privacy statement may be supplemented or modified by agreements entered into between us and an individual from time to time. In this Privacy Statement, including contact and demographic details, not including not including collective information or information a group in summarized from.BBB

Collection of Personal Information

The site’s registration from requires users to give us contact information (such as name and E-mail Address) and demographic information (such as postal code, Contact Address and Phone Number), and other info about the services that is provided by us. We use the customer contact information from the registration from to send the user information they have that requested regarding the site or regarding services offered by us. This site uses an ad from customer to place online ads. One of the express purposes of the site is to gather contact information provided voluntarily by customers to be published in the online. We have no control over who views online. Contact information provided may be used to contact customers when necessary.

Demographic and profile data is also collected at the site. We use this data to tailor each visitor’s experience at the site, showing the user content that we think they might be interested in, and displaying the content according to the user’s preferences.

Discount Collection

Sellers and Producers can offer discount for their products through our website. They come forward willing to become members of our site.

Coupon Collection

Sellers and Producers can offer discount for their products using code in our website. It is one of our remarkable facilities. For this also they have to become member of our site.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Address Directories, Discounts details, Coupon and Ads – All these are early used by customers, The growth of the business and details of the discounts can be early noticed and disclosed by us.


If any customers want modify information they can contact on E-mail: or call us at: +91 8428660538.

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