India destroyed Sri Lank by winning the 4th one day cricket match at Eden Garden of Calcutta with the margin of 153 runs. It is the 4th consecutive victory of India with only one match remains to spare.


The highlight of the match is Rohit Sharma’s knock of 264, the highest score ever scored in the history of the one day cricket match, which contained 33 fours and 9 sixes. This is his second double century in the one day international cricket match.


Earlier, winning in the toss, India opted to bat in which the opening bats man Rohit Sharma, who was under rest as he got injury in his finger when he played a match between England and India during the last August, played initially methodologically, and scored 50 runs with the help of 72 balls and later he, fired at the speed of the bullet and scored the fastest score of 264 runs with the help of 173 balls. He was finally caught off in the last ball of the innings.


There were many incredible shots, from among his 33 fours and nine sixes, but the most gobsmacking was the six of  Kulasekara at the end of the 48th over, when he walked across to off stump, took a half volley from about a foot and half away from him and flicked it high over the midwicket boundary. It was the kind of shot, and innings, that seemed in open defiance of physics.


Set to score 405 for a victory, Sri Lanka managed to score only 251 runs (lesser than the runs scored by the Indian opener Rohit Sharma) with in 42.3 over. This is the fifth time that India crossed the land mark of 400 runs.


The last and the final match will be played on the 16th of this month at Ranchi.

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