India in its Tour of Australia is going to play four Test Matches. Before flying to Australia, on Friday, Indian Cricket player Vrat Golly pointed out that India Cricket team is powerful enough to defeat Australia in its own soil. 


“Indian cricket team consists of highly talented youngsters and they are greatly positive and craving to achieve great things” Golly said,. He also revealed the fact that ii is highly advantageous for the Indian cricket team to tour to Australia before the World Cup Series that will be commenced soon.


Australian pitches are bouncing pitches where the fast bowlers who can deliver the balls at the speed of 140 kilometers are fortunate enough to make wonders. Fortunately, at present India have the fast bowlers who can swing the balls and also bowel at the speed of 140 kilometers.


Mr. Ravi Shastri declared, “This Australian Test Series is vital because, it is going to provide good experience to the Indian players and our young players should not get afraid among themselves, that it is impossible to defeat the Kangaroos in their own soil.


Vrat Golly is going to lead the Indian team as the injured Indian Captain is unable to participate in the first test match to be played at Brespain on the 4th of December.

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