The first cricket test match between India and Australia begins on today at Adelaide. As the Indian captain Dhoni  is not relieved fully from his injury,  Verat  Koali will lead the Indian team as it was already decided.  Verat Koali will be the India’s 32nd captain. For Australia, Michael Clarke will be the captain. Actually this match was supposed to be conducted on the 4th of this month and it has been postponed to the 9th of this month due to the tragic event that has happened quite recently.


History of India – Australia Test Matches:


India and Australia has been playing cricket test matches since 1947 onwards.  India and Australia so far played 86 matches.  Of these matches, India defeated Australia for 24 times while Australia defeated India for 38 times. Twenty three matched ended in draw while a single match ended in tie. The highest runs scored by the Indians against Australia are 705 runs, scored during 2004 at the Sidney stadium.The first match starts at India Standard time 5.30 a. m.  Star Cricket Channel directly telecast this match.

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