Thirunanthikarai Cave Temple

Thirunanthikarai Cave Temple | Kulasekharam | Kanyakumari District

It is one of the most famous and ancient temples of Kanyakumari’ district in TamilNadu, situated on the river banks of Nandhiaaru.  It is believed that it was established in the 9th Century AD and it remains one of the founding stones of Jain religion. The temple was built in the traditional style of Kerala Architecture. Though the temple is the abode of the Lord Shiva, a shrine of Lord Vishnu is also present in the temple facing Lord Shiva. There is an ancient rock-cut cave temple situated towards the northern side of this temple.


Once upon a time, there existed a lot of sculptures inside the temple. Being a famous and ancient temple, many devotees and tourists are greatly attracted.


Although the sculptures are not available at present, there are numerous stone carvings that narrate many interesting tales related to the Indian culture and religion. One of the stone carvings state that King Raja Raja Chola captured Muttom and renamed it as Mummudi Chola Nalloor. According to research, King Raja Raja Chola celebrated his birthday at this temple in AD 1003. This temple served as home to an ascetic named Veeranandi, who preached Jainism during the 8th century.


Thirunanthikarai is a small village situated at Thirparappu in  Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu, India. This village is very close to and is located along the Kulasekharam-Pechiparai road. The major cultivation here is rubber plantation and it provides a fine resource of wealth. Most of the people from here speak Malayalam where as a few of them speak Tamil.


Thirunanthikarai has a moderate level of literacy with only one Government School. There exists at Thirunanthikara an Agricultural Co-operative Bank called Thirunanthjikara Agricultural Co-operative Bank. There is also one library called Neethaji Memorial Library run with the aid from the government of Tamil Nadu, serve the people of this locality. It was formed 50 years back.


Thirunanthikara Pond is the major water source of this area that maintains ground water level in the area throughout the year from the Pechiparai Reservoir.

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Internet Provider in Kanyakumari


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