Vattakottai Fort

Vattakottai Fort - Kanyakumari - best tourist place in kanyakumari district

One of the major Tourist spots at Kanyakumari of Tamil nadu is the circular vattakottai Fort. It has been a historic fort of about 06 kilometers from Kanyakumari towards Trivandrum. The mighty port of Vattakottai stands majestically on the seaside. The fort is provided with a well-maintained lagoon and a beautiful lawn. It is marvelous and a heart-touching experience to climb steps to reach the top so that one can get the glimpses of the entire see and its surroundings. This circular Fort was built in the 18th century as a coastal defence-fortification and barracks in the erstwhile Travancore kingdom.


It was built under the able supervision of the Captain Eustachius De Lannoy, an ex-Dutch naval officer of the Dutch East India Company, who had been caught by the Travancore Army during the historic battle of colachel in the 18th centuray in which the Dutch army was defeated and later having earned the trust of the Travancore King the Marthanda Varma. De Lannoy had been assigned with the task of the construction of Vattakottai, as part of the defence-fortifications he undertook throughout Travancore.


The fort is made of granite blocks and, today, a part of the fort has been extended into the sea and it has been a well protected site under the Indian archaeological department. A major renovation of the fort was undertaken recently by the department, and the site is now a popular tourist spot.


Vattakottai Fort offers not only a picturesque and attractive view of the sea on one side, but also the beautiful hills on the other side (The Western Ghats). Another interesting feature near the site is a beach of black sands. It is about 7 km (4.3 mi) from Kanyakumari town. This place of the fort has specific underground way systems used by the kings of those regimes to run away in case of emergency during war and the sea beside is one of the relaxing place and romantic too.

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